Tuesday, March 23, 2010

strength, courage and wisdom

so this is my second week of work from being sick !!!!
thank god for sick pay
my mummy dearest is in mexico so i cant wait to show you all the wonderful things she will bring back for me im sooooooo excited
back to work tomorrow and im thinking i might spend some money
a little bit of shopping therapy
but in the in between then heres a picture of me
i was tried out a head scarf i brought in an opp shop
that lady at liberty in london showed me how to tie the scarf when i was there in september last year

scarf : opp shop
jumper : american apperal
boyfriend jeans : country road

love always alana

Thursday, March 18, 2010


so im really sick at the moment so have have not written in a while
ive been busy working on my folio for school and trying to get better but
im just going to post i look a did a while ago thats on the top of my page
just slightly different
hope you like

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

color it baby!

so second post, im getting use to the blog life
so i was playing around with some pictures i took the other day
ive been playing with the colors pink blue and the classic black and white hope you like it
these photos remind me of summer, watermelon and hot nights with sun sets!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


so this is my first blog
how exciting right?
well I'm a bit nerves
but I've decided to become apart of one of my favorite fashion web site lookbook.nu
to me its like no other its the love of my life, i spend every waking minute of my like on my mac pro visiting the web page. its half the reason i got a blog, you see you have to be invited to be able to post your fashion looks on there. so half of the inspirational ladies that post regular looks on the site have a blog with this site .

But anyway i was playing around with my mac and listening to Beyonce when i took these pictures and decided these were the picture i would enter into lookbook in order for me to be admired by others!
soooooooo i hope you like it :)

p.s ill keep you posted but fingers crossed they let me be apart of their site xoxo